The art and science of coffee

I love coffee and these days I love making it at home as often as possible rather than blowing the cash at a coffee shop. Well this is my favorite way to make coffee. What’s not to love about combining beautiful design, science and coffee? I am not a major coffee snob by any means but I do have an appreciation for a cup of joe that:

  1. Can be easily made at home by non coffee snobs
  2. Tastes lovely
  3. Is designed beautifully

Well the Chemex is all three.

The photo of above is of the inventor Peter Schlumbohm with two other of his inventions. I think he has over 3,000 patents? I can’t be sure and I am not trying to be Wikipedia here. In addition to my three reasons above, I also love the Chemex because every morning I feel a little like a mad scientist making my coffee.


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