The modern freelancer: Solo

The stereotypical “creative type” is often described as flighty, unorganized, temperamental and right-brained. I consider myself a more “middle brained” than left brained type of creative – an exception if you will. I think at some points in my career I have definitely lived up to the stereo type, but now after 10+ years of experience, I’ve put a premium on being methodical, organized and strategic. It is even more important for those of us that decide to break out on our own – without  an account director or PM to keep you inline and profitable (or at least breaking even.)

This tool solo seems right up my alley. I haven’t broken down and given it a test run yet, but from what I can see on their site, it’s useful, usable, and beautifully designed. It’s not a matter of if I decide to give it a try, but when. I will definitely update the post when it happens – or if you’ve used it and love it let me know!

via: ThriveSolo


One thought on “The modern freelancer: Solo

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Well, I think if you’re just working solo then you are both the project manager and the project team, so it’s you who keeps you profitable.

    By the way, I have published several articles on project management by a freelancer such as yourself. You can read of all her articles here.

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