Tis the season for gifting.

I’m not a big “stuff” person. I mean, I like looking at cool stuff but not owning, buying it. I like getting it for others, but even then I feel like a lot of my friends/family have the same position on “stuff” I do. As the news would tell me, myself and my friends are clearly in the minority. Holiday shopping is up up up! This could quickly digress into a soapbox-ish type rant about how I hate shopping and whatever… which is actually not my intent. Despite not being a shopper, I have seen some pretty cool gift ideas out there that I thought were worth sharing. So if you have gifting to do maybe this gives you some ideas.

Custom conductor stamp
How cool is this? A conductor stamp you can add your own art, logo message what-have-you and carry it around stamping to your hearts content! I really want to get this for someone, the trick if finding the someone that would appreciate it the most. (via Better Living through Design)

The monocle
I saw one a few years ago and still love the idea of a monocle for reading or whatever. Nerdtastic fun

Zippo hand warmer
Chicago  = cold. This is a pretty nice practical gift for this time of year. Although not like a “sexy” gift or anything its practical and uncommon and will make the person you give it to thankyou daily while waiting for the bus/train/car to warm up…

The folding Uke
I have tried to teach myself the uke this year (perhaps failing since I only have 3 chords down)  But for the serious player out there this seems like such a cute gift.

Ceramic Pig Speaker
Picture says it all. This is awesome.


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