About Stephanie Di Biase

Stephanie Di Biase

Stephanie Di Biase, Designer, Lover, Sometimes Fighter

A designer for hire in the great city of Chicago

Well hello there! My name is Stephanie  Di Biase (aka SdB, Deebs, Deebzyville, fierybelly … and a few more I’m sure.) I am an independent designer currently working under the DBA fierybelly – one of many nicknames colleagues, clients and friends have given me. What kind of designer you ask? Graphic, visual, UX-loving, pixel pushing, brand defining and purpose needing. I am not a page decorator or a designer without reason. The best part about design is that you can solve real problems with it. Business, social, personal – problems. Design without purpose is not design. A fancier industry term for that is “strategy” but I prefer purpose. That is where the “fiery” comes from. I am very passionate about design as a means for solving problems. I’m not the kind of designer that will win you “cool” points for coolness sake.

I am the kind of designer that will help redefine your brand, reach business goals using  design thinking, invite your users/customers into the kitchen to cook with us, and check-in on best practices without letting them stop us from trying something new to solve your problem.

But I could go on for days talking about it. Here is some of my work, if you like what you see I am happy to send you additional samples (that can’t be put on a site.) Or if you’d like to just connect and talk about design, I am always game for that as well. In Chicago? Even better.We can get out from behind our computers and have coffee or beer or water or what-have-you.

Places to find me on the net (bringing that term back)

Places to connect:

Portfolio-ish sites:



Bonus picts of my four legged studio mate and hopefully soon to be internet sensation:


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