Tis the season for gifting.

I’m not a big “stuff” person. I mean, I like looking at cool stuff but not owning, buying it. I like getting it for others, but even then I feel like a lot of my friends/family have the same position on “stuff” I do. As the news would tell me, myself and my friends are clearly in the minority. Holiday shopping is up up up! This could quickly digress into a soapbox-ish type rant about how I hate shopping and whatever… which is actually not my intent. Despite not being a shopper, I have seen some pretty cool gift ideas out there that I thought were worth sharing. So if you have gifting to do maybe this gives you some ideas.

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Beautious illustrations from Brooke Weeber

Beautiful illustrations from Brooke Weeber

These illustrations are just lovely, and so is the rest of her work. I recently read a little about her journey through the country from west to east coast and how that informed her work. (which you can read and see more lovely images on cool hunting)

After reading that post, be sure to check out her site for more beautiful work. I just love the combination of black ink and really atmospheric uses of watercolor beneath. Beautiful style and definitely one of those artists I will be keeping my eye on!

via: cool hunting