I have been 100% swamped with work lately. Sorry for the lack of updates. I did want to share this really cool ecom site I just found. Smart, clean, simple design. I could do without some of the excess background textures/folds even.

All in all a really refreshingly simple and well executed site.


Chicago Creative Mornings with Simple Scott

Just got back from yet another killer talk from creative mornings. Although I find it difficult to be that “up” that early in the morning two cups of joe and some inspiring design talk was a lovely way to wake up.

If you are in one of the cities with a creative morning (or if you’re not you should could start one!) I highly recommend trying to attend a session. It’s a great way to meet new people or meet people you may only know by interweb handle.

The best part is all the talks get posted online so even if you can’t be there in person, you can still benefit from the inspiring talks and discussions.

Watch Chicago Creative Mornings here:

And this week’s sponsors were amazing:
Chicago Portfolio School
24 seven 

LaCroix… I’m talkin’ to you

Obsessed? Me? maybe a little. As I have posted about before, I’ve been designing an ongoing love letter to La Croix water, sketching ideas and thoughts for how they could update their packaging and overal brand to better reflect their awesome product. Today I saw this redesign for cocolino and thought about them again. A smart design using a lot of the naked can color in a smart way to represent “natural.”

You can check out the full post about cocolino here on the Dieline. And of course incase you don’t want to dig through the like ten blog posts I have here, here’s a quick link to my La Croix personal project.


Burger king goes for more global consistency

King of Brand Consistency

So maybe I am a little slow on this one, but I ran across this fellow David Iglesia’s book and was really impressed with the BK work. Having worked with a few global brands with extremely diverse businesses across the globe I wonder how difficult this engagement must have been. Especially given the franchise model of Burger King I can’t imagine it was an easy feat to roll out. Despite how complex it probably was, the result is a really nice system of elements and some really fun illustrations that communicate a lot with very little words.

via David Iglesias

Kittens + Internet = Never boring

Kitten Covers

Seriously who doesn’t move that the internet is so chock full of kittens? Well as a cat love (borderline cat lady) and internet cataloger, I am definitely never sick of seeing cats/kittens combined with other things.

This David Meowie one is a personal fav, but you should check them out for yourself!



More La Croix ideas

Additional La Croix design ideas

I was thinking more about this little personal project and I thought it would be interesting if they used a minimal amount of ink on their cans and use an embossing stamped technique. Yes? No? Good idea? Bad idea?

Any if you missed my orignal post it’s here:
La Croix sketches