Shared Desks and Coworking

Desktime by One Design Company

Screenshot of Desktime by One Design Company

I LOVE this idea – and will undoubtedly be taking advantage of the site soon to get some workspace. The concept is awesome and like all awesome ideas it’s fairly simple and meets a need. So the gist is this: you need a desk or office? or have an office or some space to share? This site helps with both. And its on your terms. A lot of listings can be rented by the day, week or month. There are pictures, addresses and easy way to sign up. Such a great idea! W00t!

Check it out at

should i work for free?

This is not new ( I have definitely giggled at it in the past) – but being a new independent consultant myself I thought  I should take another peek at this amazing, hilarious and so so trueillustration and site by Jessica Hische

Anyhoo – here is the link to the site. If you are a freelancer, independent consultant or designer or what-have-you this is a great reminder. 





 = smart design

One thing I love about digital design is when the following things come together beautifully, smartly and with a great attention to detail. This rarely happens. Turf wars, lazy UX or design, copy written in a vacuum, too many cooks in the kitchen…etc. Those things happen all the time. Which makes this site even more amazing. Big brand, beautiful site. Fantastical design.

  1. Design
  2. Interaction
  3. Copy
  4. Development

La Croix: I love you.

LaCroix Sketch 1

As a designer I find there are very few products, brands, companies I am what you would call “loyal” to. Even toothpaste I switch up every time I buy it. Blame it on the obsessive amount of designs I consume as a professional designer. It’s sort of like when you’re baking – or cooking in general – and you spend all day smelling, tasting, making something to the point where when dinner rolls around and you really don’t want to eat anymore.

A major exception to this rule is La Croix. I absolutely love it. Love it so much that I have started a love letter to them – in design form. I am drinking it right now as I type. I really truly enjoy this simple product and would love to see them take their branding in a new direction. Check it out on my behance site and let me know what you think. Over time I hope to keep adding to it as I have time, including thoughts around other aspects of their branding like the boxes, bottles, point of sales, their digital presence and so on.

Hot dogs are always funny

These illustrations are amazing. A hot dog with abs? Love it!

The site is pretty fun too – using a little HTML 5 magic so that the hot dogs appear to slide through the bun arms as you scroll through the page. Very fun. My only nit is that its not set up to scroll with the space bar. Other than that though, its a super cute site.

via: Big Apple Hot Dogs