should i work for free?

This is not new ( I have definitely giggled at it in the past) – but being a new independent consultant myself I thought  I should take another peek at this amazing, hilarious and so so trueillustration and site by Jessica Hische

Anyhoo – here is the link to the site. If you are a freelancer, independent consultant or designer or what-have-you this is a great reminder. 










How to Parallel Park like a Man!

I don’t actually need these instructions because I’ve been told I am a sick parker. And well I am kind of proud of mastering this mundane skill. In fact I dare say I enjoy parallel parking … that’s right. I find much satisfaction in parking my car on the street, especially hen I get perfectly in straight, no bumper bumps  in one try.

I’ll let you in on a few secrets:

  1. Get out of your seat and look behind you as you do it
  2. Never pull in front ways ALWAYS back in
  3. Drive a small car (really this is not just good for parking but life)

If you need more detailed instructions – check out this great post from the art of manliness.