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More La Croix ideas

Additional La Croix design ideas

I was thinking more about this little personal project and I thought it would be interesting if they used a minimal amount of ink on their cans and use an embossing stamped technique. Yes? No? Good idea? Bad idea?

Any if you missed my orignal post it’s here:
La Croix sketches

7 billion peeps

As I am sure everyone is aware the 7 billionth person is due out soon. Yowza! The BBC’s site has a neat little tool where you can put in a little info about yourself and find out where you are in the grand order of things. It inspired me to do a little illustration for giggles. Imagine if you really had to take a number in order of when you were born?

Anyhoo. Check out the little interactive tool here at the bbc news site

La Croix: I love you.

LaCroix Sketch 1

As a designer I find there are very few products, brands, companies I am what you would call “loyal” to. Even toothpaste I switch up every time I buy it. Blame it on the obsessive amount of designs I consume as a professional designer. It’s sort of like when you’re baking – or cooking in general – and you spend all day smelling, tasting, making something to the point where when dinner rolls around and you really don’t want to eat anymore.

A major exception to this rule is La Croix. I absolutely love it. Love it so much that I have started a love letter to them – in design form. I am drinking it right now as I type. I really truly enjoy this simple product and would love to see them take their branding in a new direction. Check it out on my behance site and let me know what you think. Over time I hope to keep adding to it as I have time, including thoughts around other aspects of their branding like the boxes, bottles, point of sales, their digital presence and so on.

Hexawords a fun little game

So as I get up and going with the freelance work, I started a little game of creating words from hexadecimal colors.

So this is probably totally lame sauce (or at least nerd sauce) but being a designer of the interwebs, I spend a lot of time looking at the hexadecimal value of colors in photoshop for my designs. It got me thinking, very childishly, that sometime the 6 characters combined (0-9 and A-F) look like swear words or just words in general. So I’ve started this little personal project where I try and think of words I can make with just 6 characters and what color that word is – in of course hexadecimal values.

Childish? yes.
Nerdy? yes.
Fun? totally.

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