Beautious illustrations from Brooke Weeber

Beautiful illustrations from Brooke Weeber

These illustrations are just lovely, and so is the rest of her work. I recently read a little about her journey through the country from west to east coast and how that informed her work. (which you can read and see more lovely images on cool hunting)

After reading that post, be sure to check out her site for more beautiful work. I just love the combination of black ink and really atmospheric uses of watercolor beneath. Beautiful style and definitely one of those artists I will be keeping my eye on!

via: cool hunting


Kittens + Internet = Never boring

Kitten Covers

Seriously who doesn’t move that the internet is so chock full of kittens? Well as a cat love (borderline cat lady) and internet cataloger, I am definitely never sick of seeing cats/kittens combined with other things.

This David Meowie one is a personal fav, but you should check them out for yourself!



More La Croix ideas

Additional La Croix design ideas

I was thinking more about this little personal project and I thought it would be interesting if they used a minimal amount of ink on their cans and use an embossing stamped technique. Yes? No? Good idea? Bad idea?

Any if you missed my orignal post it’s here:
La Croix sketches

Shared Desks and Coworking

Desktime by One Design Company

Screenshot of Desktime by One Design Company

I LOVE this idea – and will undoubtedly be taking advantage of the site soon to get some workspace. The concept is awesome and like all awesome ideas it’s fairly simple and meets a need. So the gist is this: you need a desk or office? or have an office or some space to share? This site helps with both. And its on your terms. A lot of listings can be rented by the day, week or month. There are pictures, addresses and easy way to sign up. Such a great idea! W00t!

Check it out at

7 billion peeps

As I am sure everyone is aware the 7 billionth person is due out soon. Yowza! The BBC’s site has a neat little tool where you can put in a little info about yourself and find out where you are in the grand order of things. It inspired me to do a little illustration for giggles. Imagine if you really had to take a number in order of when you were born?

Anyhoo. Check out the little interactive tool here at the bbc news site

should i work for free?

This is not new ( I have definitely giggled at it in the past) – but being a new independent consultant myself I thought  I should take another peek at this amazing, hilarious and so so trueillustration and site by Jessica Hische

Anyhoo – here is the link to the site. If you are a freelancer, independent consultant or designer or what-have-you this is a great reminder.