Please Post Bills

Please Post Bills: A art tribute to a comedic legend.

This is an amazing collection of unique pieces and screen prints all in tribute to Bill Murray. Here is a few I found interesting. But definitely go check out the whole collection – or if you are in California – go see it in person at the 1988 gallery.


Beautious illustrations from Brooke Weeber

Beautiful illustrations from Brooke Weeber

These illustrations are just lovely, and so is the rest of her work. I recently read a little about her journey through the country from west to east coast and how that informed her work. (which you can read and see more lovely images on cool hunting)

After reading that post, be sure to check out her site for more beautiful work. I just love the combination of black ink and really atmospheric uses of watercolor beneath. Beautiful style and definitely one of those artists I will be keeping my eye on!

via: cool hunting

This is Public Works

I have been spending a considerable amount of time lately going to talks, events, workshops, open houses …etc in Chicago to learn about the design scene, network and get inspired by the innovative things creative folks in Chicago are doing. Last month I went to a talk at the Public Works – a gallery set up by someoddpilot. One of the talks I heard was by the guys who own and created Longman & Eagle, a great but sometimes way too busy restaurant and bar in my neighborhood of Logan Square. It was really inspiring to hear how 3 friends, with different passions and professional backgrounds can get together and create something great together. They were all very hands on in the process of designing and building out the space, the menu, the identity and the location. It was one of those talks that gets you really excited about the great sh*t going on in Chicago and makes you really jealous at the same time that you didn’t come up with it.

So in addition to the great talk series they had at Public Works, the gallery was filled with curated art, which as I discovered you can buy online. (awesome!) Unfortunately I do not currently have the funds or open wall space to make any purchases, but they are definitely worth checking out if you do.

Hexawords a fun little game

So as I get up and going with the freelance work, I started a little game of creating words from hexadecimal colors.

So this is probably totally lame sauce (or at least nerd sauce) but being a designer of the interwebs, I spend a lot of time looking at the hexadecimal value of colors in photoshop for my designs. It got me thinking, very childishly, that sometime the 6 characters combined (0-9 and A-F) look like swear words or just words in general. So I’ve started this little personal project where I try and think of words I can make with just 6 characters and what color that word is – in of course hexadecimal values.

Childish? yes.
Nerdy? yes.
Fun? totally.

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