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Please Post Bills

Please Post Bills: A art tribute to a comedic legend.

This is an amazing collection of unique pieces and screen prints all in tribute to Bill Murray. Here is a few I found interesting. But definitely go check out the whole collection – or if you are in California – go see it in person at the 1988 gallery.

Burger king goes for more global consistency

King of Brand Consistency

So maybe I am a little slow on this one, but I ran across this fellow David Iglesia’s book and was really impressed with the BK work. Having worked with a few global brands with extremely diverse businesses across the globe I wonder how difficult this engagement must have been. Especially given the franchise model of Burger King I can’t imagine it was an easy feat to roll out. Despite how complex it probably was, the result is a really nice system of elements and some really fun illustrations that communicate a lot with very little words.

via David Iglesias

Beautious illustrations from Brooke Weeber

Beautiful illustrations from Brooke Weeber

These illustrations are just lovely, and so is the rest of her work. I recently read a little about her journey through the country from west to east coast and how that informed her work. (which you can read and see more lovely images on cool hunting)

After reading that post, be sure to check out her site for more beautiful work. I just love the combination of black ink and really atmospheric uses of watercolor beneath. Beautiful style and definitely one of those artists I will be keeping my eye on!

via: cool hunting

Hot dogs are always funny

These illustrations are amazing. A hot dog with abs? Love it!

The site is pretty fun too – using a little HTML 5 magic so that the hot dogs appear to slide through the bun arms as you scroll through the page. Very fun. My only nit is that its not set up to scroll with the space bar. Other than that though, its a super cute site.

via: Big Apple Hot Dogs



Jazz, screen printing and hand drawn type loveliness

What a great poster! All of my favorite design elements – loose illustration, hand drawn type and all done on toned paper. Just plain loverly.

And to boot – if you buy it, all of the proceeds go to a charity – the Philabundance – a hunger relief organization in the Philadelphia area. Here is the description about the organization from their site:

The Ink Initiative has chosen Philabundance as this year’s donation recipient. Founded in 1984, Philabundance is the Philadelphia region’s largest hunger relief organization. Their mission is to end hunger and malnutrition in the Delaware Valley by acquiring food and helping distribute it to people in need. So far they have provided food for over 60 million meals and we think that’s amazing.

Go check it out and some of the other great prints from the Design Bureau of Amerika