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One thing I love about digital design is when the following things come together beautifully, smartly and with a great attention to detail. This rarely happens. Turf wars, lazy UX or design, copy written in a vacuum, too many cooks in the kitchen…etc. Those things happen all the time. Which makes this site even more amazing. Big brand, beautiful site. Fantastical design.

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Hot dogs are always funny

These illustrations are amazing. A hot dog with abs? Love it!

The site is pretty fun too – using a little HTML 5 magic so that the hot dogs appear to slide through the bun arms as you scroll through the page. Very fun. My only nit is that its not set up to scroll with the space bar. Other than that though, its a super cute site.

via: Big Apple Hot Dogs



The modern freelancer: Solo

The stereotypical “creative type” is often described as flighty, unorganized, temperamental and right-brained. I consider myself a more “middle brained” than left brained type of creative – an exception if you will. I think at some points in my career I have definitely lived up to the stereo type, but now after 10+ years of experience, I’ve put a premium on being methodical, organized and strategic. It is even more important for those of us that decide to break out on our own – without  an account director or PM to keep you inline and profitable (or at least breaking even.)

This tool solo seems right up my alley. I haven’t broken down and given it a test run yet, but from what I can see on their site, it’s useful, usable, and beautifully designed. It’s not a matter of if I decide to give it a try, but when. I will definitely update the post when it happens – or if you’ve used it and love it let me know!

via: ThriveSolo

Adobe Crash Reports


Well since my photoshop just crashed and I lost the last hour or so of work – I am feeling considerably less motivated to continue. I am also reminded of this lovely blog of crash reports – which is exactly the therapy I need right now as I try and psych myself up to redo my work.

Thanks Maniacal Rage. I needed that. Also I too love cats.



Hexawords a fun little game

So as I get up and going with the freelance work, I started a little game of creating words from hexadecimal colors.

So this is probably totally lame sauce (or at least nerd sauce) but being a designer of the interwebs, I spend a lot of time looking at the hexadecimal value of colors in photoshop for my designs. It got me thinking, very childishly, that sometime the 6 characters combined (0-9 and A-F) look like swear words or just words in general. So I’ve started this little personal project where I try and think of words I can make with just 6 characters and what color that word is – in of course hexadecimal values.

Childish? yes.
Nerdy? yes.
Fun? totally.

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